dilluns, 7 de maig de 2012

The Strange Machine

My Uncle is an inventor. One day, I was searching throu the attic of my Uncle`s house. I found a very sbrange machine wibh many
buttons, knobs,dials, and levers. I had never seen a machine like it before. On one side, there was a button that said 'on'.

I pressed the botton. sodolenly somethng very strong happened. There was also voof on the tep and it opened. Iwent inside. There was a screen too and on it was wntten ''type a year''.I typed the number 1413. Suddenly the voot closed and the maebhne started to shaker. I vonishe ! then I saw buildings, kingdons and kings.
I realized this was a time muchne. I saw Alexandre flemming and many other scientists. Then I entered the year 2050. I saw flying cars  and realized that humans have evolved. There were many tall tewers. There weren about 500 floors. There were also no poor peopel! then T typed the year 30.000. It was suddenly verg hot. Then I realized that it was global waming and there was no water. I had no energy and lay down. By mstake I pressed another button and suddenly, i was back were i started! Attey a while I realized the time travel had just been a illusion

                                                                           Erik Martin 4t ESO 

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