dilluns, 7 de maig de 2012

The Evil Scientist

I followed the evil scientist into a dark room. What I saw, I would never forget..

Inside the room there were a group of people, but they were making strange sound. After few minutes of silence, i realised that they weren't acting normally and then, the scientist said '' I've Pinally succeed. After ten years of non-stop research, I've finally invented the undecid's virus! They are the firsts zombies!'' I was terrified: ''And why did you invent this kind of virus? They will throw all the mankind into chaos! Why did you want to create zombies so badly?''
-That's because I'm an insane mad scientist! I only deserve to bring chaos and destruction to this world and then, I will invade and rule the world! Fuahahahahaha! When he said this, the left the room after saying that they would attack me and I would become another zombie. I resalised that the room I was in was actually the lab, so there were a lot of dishes that could be usefull. I was abottle that was familiar. That was acid. I took the bottle and I threw the acid tutthe zombies, but it wasn't effective because they didn't feel any pair, so I decided to try to burn then. It didn't stop them, so I continued searching for things. I  saw an object  which had an strang shape. It said somethings like FG 204. Behind this, there was a window so I brorce it with the FG 204 and I went out. After running away, i fainted.

Aida Padilla (1r de Batxillerat)

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