dissabte, 5 de maig de 2012

The evil scientist

The door was middle opened, so I could see him walking back and forth, like he was thinking about something important and maybe looking for something really special. I was quite scared, because I didn't want to be discovered. I didn't know what to do, so I just stood there quietly, holding my breath.
The room seemed really huge and it was full test tubes, glasses, computers and other strange apparatus. At first sight, it appeared, but I knew the evil scientist had mad ideas. I was sure he was planning a bad experiment. His strange behaving during the whole month proved it: he had been too busy and he didn't want to talk to anybody. When people asked him about his research, he only laughed. It was a rare laugh, sad and bitten at the same time.
Suddenly, the sound of his steps returned me to the reality. He must have found what he was looking for. Unfortunately, it was too dark so I couldn't see what it was. Then, after a few seconds he ran towards the back door and he just left the room. I immediately entered the room and I started my investigation. What I discovered I would never had imagined. I couldn't believe it. I was wrong and I felt embarrassed.
His projects showed that he was looking for a way to cure his wife's illness. She had been sick of leukemia for several years and she was getting worse and worse. For this reason, he was trying to obtain stem cells for a transplant.

Clara Izquierdo (1r de Batxillerat)

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