dilluns, 7 de maig de 2012

The Strange Machine

My uncle is an inventor. One day, I was searching through the attic of my uncle's house. I found a very strange machine with many buttons, knobs, dials, and levers. I had never seen a mchine like it before. On one side, there was a button that said 'on'.
I've always been curious so I pressed it. Suddenly, the machine started to shake and to make a very hard noise. I closed my eyes for a second and when I opened then again, the noise had stopped and instead of the machine. There was a sort of robot in front of me. It had two arms and two legs but just one eye. I was completely astorished but i started to talk to that thing.
- Do you understand me? Can you hear me?
- Of course I can!- he answered- My name is Robin andq I was made by your Uncle Jack, wen though he has used me just once. He created me when his mum died because he needed help to do the housework. I helped him a lot but he has never used me again.
I wa just 12 and I felt sorry for Robin, becouse I could undersatand him and I new he felt. He felt alone and bores and I'm he needed a friend.
-Hey, listen! Do you know what we can do? You'll  come home with me and I will talk to you want to.
Rubin liked the idea, he was so excited! We walked home and since that day. Robin has been my best friend: the one I can trust, laugh with and, above all, I know he will be there for me I need him.
Clara Trullenque Ortiz      
                             4rt d'ESO       

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