divendres, 11 de maig de 2012

I lived a real video game

A month ago, I lived a real video game. It seems impossible, but this story is real. One day, I was playing my favourite video game: Singstar. I love to sing and that day I was singing a lot of songs! But on the fifth song a new option appeared on the screen: a small square with the words RL in it. I was surprised and I touched it with the arrow. My room disappeared, all my things disappeared too, my bed, my lamp, my desk, my computer… and me! When I opened my eyes, I was on a TV show a stage, in front of the crowd! I guessed I was in the video game. So, the words RL meant Real Life! I looked around: I saw the judge of the contest, who was in front of me and he was looking me with his beautiful blue eyes, waiting for my performance. I began to sing very well because I was living my dream! The crowd applauded me, and the handsome judge said that he loved my voice. I won the contest, it was fantastic! But the next day, when I told my experience to my friends, they didn’t believe me. I didn’t mind anyway, because I really had a good time!

   Sara Martin, 2n ESO

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