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Describing a fictional character: Sheldon Cooper

Sheldon Lee Cooper is one of the main character in the American TV Show, “The Big Band Theory”. He's played by Jim Parsons. The series follows the lives of Leonard and Sheldon, two physicists that share an apartment; and their best friends Howard and Rajesh, an aerospace engineer and an astrophysicist; and their new neigh or Penny, a worked in the Cheesecke Factory and a waitress, that wants to be an actress (She is the most normal of them).

Sheldon Cooper is tall, fair-skinned and thin. He's got short and brown hair. He wears a long-sleeved t-shirt under a short-sleeved one, with a superhero, or a scientific research . His personality is so complicated. He's very smart (187 Intelligent Quotient) so the thinks he's superrior and underestimates the people around him. He has strict routines, he has difficulties is social relation, and he doesn't understand sarcasm and irony because he understands the literal meanings. He isn't attracted about women or men. He can't lie and he has a photographic memory also.

He love being tidy, playing videogames, seeing science-fiction films and series (His favourite is Spock, from Stat Trek), playing board card games, trains, and Thai food

Jan Ródenas (3r ESO)

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